Dear authors!

The editorial boards of «Dual Technology», «Strategic Stability», «Information Wars» magazines notify that in accordance with the decision of the Higher Certifying Commission of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation «Concerning the Procedure of the Formation of Listing of the leading peer-reviewed scientific magazines and publications, in which the basic scientific results of thesises for the degree of doctor and candidate of sciences should be published» dated 01.01.2009 with the articles submission for publication in the magazine the following rules should be observed.

The article should not be published in the submitted to the editorial office form in another publications.

Article Submissions are presented in electronic and paper versions, the latter must be signed by the author (s) with the date.

The article should be accompanied by an expert opinion on the possibility of publishing it in the press.

The article material should be set out in the following sequence:

1) the «UDC» number;
2) initials and last name (s) of the author (s);
3) the title of the article;
4) abstract (up to 0.3 typewritten pages);
5) keywords (up 10 words);
6) full information about the author (s) (surname, first name, patronymic, academic degree, academic rank, position and place of (company name) work, contact tel.);
7) the main text with illustrations;
8) brief conclusions;
9) list of references

Information about the paragraphs 2 — 6 must be written in English and Russian.

The text should be typed in the «MS Word» format in 10 size «Times New Roman» font without forced hyphenation with half interval between lines, with references to illustrations and bibliography.

Its volume with illustrations and bibliography should not exceed 0.87 printed sheet (7 A4 pages).

Formulas containing a simultaneous upper and lower indices, superscript or subscript characters, as well as a system of equations, matrices, fractions, limits, integrals, etc. should be typed in the formula editor «Math Type» in «Times New Roman» font without mixing styles. Character size: normal — 10 pt; large index — 60%, small index — 50%, a major symbol — 150%, small symbol — 100% of normal. The rest of the formulas and variables can be typed in the text in «Times New Roman» font or in the characters insert mode using the «Symbol» font. For the mathematical notation in formulas should be used the most simple symbols and indices (preferably numerical or Latin).

Charts and diagrams should be made in the vector editor.

In the preparation of images, photographs and drawings it is desirable to use the JPEG format: resolution for color — not less than 300 dpi; black & white — 400 dpi.

The list of references  should be executed in accordance with the existing rules.

In case of the positive review results by the scientific editorial board, the editorial office concludes a license agreement with the author on the transfer of copyright of the publication, sends him a review, and an article is published in the magazine. Otherwise, the author is sent a reasonable refusal.